Jacques d'Amboise and NDI have received many prestigious awards, including The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities' Coming Up Taller Award, The National Medal of Arts, The Christophers' James Keller Youth Award, The Town Hall Friend's Award, The Dance Magazine Award, The Producer's Circle Award for Public Service, The Museum of the City of New York Award, and The Governor's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art and Culture of New York State.

NDI participated in the development of the New York City Department of Education's Dance Blueprint, and is nationally and internationally recognized for its distinctive pedagogy.


During the 2002-03 school year, Dr. Rob Horowitz, an education expert who serves as Associate Director of the Center for Arts Education Research at Columbia University's Teachers College, conducted an in-depth evaluation of NDI's In-School Program. His report gives NDI very high ratings in its positive impact on students and classroom teachers. Dr. Horowitz's evaluation team examined the program's impact on children, schools, and teachers; program implementation at the school and organizational levels; and school collaborations and characteristics of effective partnerships.

The evaluation lists myriad ways students and the wider community benefit from NDI's program, including improved thinking ability and confidence, development of self-esteem, and increased parental involvement in schools. In the executive summary, Dr. Horowitz writes: "NDI engaged students in higher order thinking skills tied to cognitive, affective, and kinesthetic domains of learning." He states that 91% of teachers reported that students gained self-confidence from NDI's program. This study also provides a useful framework for benchmarking and extending our success.

To download PDF of the Executive Summary, click here.