In-School Program

NDI provides school communities with intensive arts immersion programs. Each NDI class is led by a Master Teacher/Choreographer, a Musician/Accompanist, and an Assistant Teacher. Students who have never danced before undergo a stunning transformation through the power of NDI’s award-winning pedagogy and world-class teaching staff. NDI provides programs for students in grades Pre-K through Fifth Grade. We have also piloted programs that work with students on the High-School level.

Program Structures

· NDI offers full-year programs, 10-week residencies, 2-week intensives in which students dance every day for two weeks, and after-school programs.

· All students on a selected grade or grades participate.

· Classroom teachers are actively engaged in the residency, and many choose to dance with their classes.

· Classes run 45–55 minutes. Each moment of an NDI class is rich with energetic, rigorous, and joyful learning.

· All NDI programs culminate in a final performance for the entire school community.



Fundamentals of Dance and Performance

Students learn the fundamentals of movement and music by mastering rigorously athletic dance steps with clarity, energy, and precision. They learn the value of excellence in dance, and how important discipline, effort, focus, and teamwork are in achieving it. Students also hone their critical and creative thinking skills as their dance skills develop.

Curricular Theme
Students learn how dance and music create meaning, build community, and move audiences as they work toward a common performance goal. Focused through a curricular theme, NDI introduces students to new cultures and big ideas, engendering in them an abiding curiosity about the world and their place in it. Past themes include: Shakespeare and A Midsummer Night?s Dream, the life and legacy of John Lennon, Albert Einstein, and Stevie Wonder, and international themes celebrating Africa, Mexico, China, and India.

Final Performance
NDI’s teaching artists create original pieces of choreography inspired by the curricular theme. Students master and perform these dances in a fully-realized theatrical production presented in a daytime assembly for the entire school and in an evening assembly for families. School and NDI staff set up lighting and sound equipment for the performance, cultivating a professional performance atmosphere. Over the course of the program, students become dancers, taking to the stage as stars in their own community.

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NDI's In-School Program