Current Supporters

We extend heartfelt thanks to all of our annual supporters who make our work possible.

National Dance Institute is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council including Council Members Margaret Chin, Daniel R. Garodnick, Ben Kallos, Stephen Levin, Carlos Menchaca, Rosie Mendez, Helen Rosenthal, and Ydanis Rodriguez and The City of New York, Department of Youth and Community Development.


Includes annual gifts of $1000 or more
as of May 20, 2016


(Click here for a listing of donors to NDI's Capital Campaign)

Angels ($100,000 and above)

Valerie and Charles Diker
Paula and Jeffrey Gural
The Hearst Foundations
Betsy and Hunt Lawrence
Marilyn White Lawrence and Bryan R. Lawrence
Kathy and Joe Mele
Donald Newhouse
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Leslie Ziff

Benefactors ($50,000 - $99,999)

Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund
Gerald and Daphna Cramer
Lauren B. Cramer
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
The Irene Diamond Fund
The JPB Foundation
Ketty and François Maisonrouge
Helen Stambler Neuberger and Jim Neuberger
SHS Foundation
The Shubert Foundation

Patrons ($25,000 - $49,999)

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Con Edison
The Condé Nast Publications
Joseph M. Cohen
The Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund of the
New York Community Trust
Elaine Dannheisser Foundation
The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
Carol H. and Robert D. Krinsky
Eric Li
Lucosky Brookman LLP
Ann M. Martin
Millstream Fund
New York State Council on the Arts
Madaleine Berley and Arnold S. Penner
Nili and Nathaniel de Rothschild
Beth Kobliner Shaw and David E. Shaw
Anya Herz Shiva and Dr. Andrew Shiva
Theodore R. Stanley
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Sugar Foods Corporation
TCA Fund Management Group
Donald and Barbara Tober
Judy and Josh Weston
Shirley Young

Underwriters ($10,000 - $24,999)

Jacqueline Novogratz and Chris Anderson
The Barbara Epstein Foundation
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Kate Weil and Stuart Bauchner
The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation
The Brenner Family Foundation
Meryl Rosofsky and Stuart H. Coleman
Joyce B. Cowin
Denny Beach Revocable Trust
Jennie L. and Richard K. DeScherer
Deborah Colson and Mark Diker
Diana and Joseph A. DiMenna
Judy and Tony Evnin
Lisa Farrell
Edith and Jonathan Fassberg
Susan Foote and Stephen Feinberg
Paul J. Fribourg
Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group
Lois Chiles and Richard Gilder
Muna and Basem Hishmeh
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
Jenjo Foundation
Jerome Robbins Foundation, Inc.
Georgia and David Keidan
Shahnaz Batmanghelidj and Radford Klotz
The Lauder Foundation -
Leonard and Judy Lauder Fund
Almudena and Pablo Legoretta
Robert A. Levinson
Loews Corporation
Monica Algarra and Frank McCourt
Kerry and Ron Moelis
Jenny Morgenthau
Newman's Own Foundation
Norman Hirschfield Foundaton
Yvonne and Leslie Pollack
Alicia Glen and Daniel Rayner
Yadey Yawand-Wossen and Adam Richman
Babe Rizzuto
Joanna and Daniel Rose
Jean and Tim Schmit
The Segal Company/Robert D. Krinsky
Silverback Investments Ltd/Michael Audain
Marc S. Solomon
Sarah and David Stack
Barbara and Lari Stanton
Marianne and Roger Staubach
Kevin Tang
Teen Vogue
Catherine Oppenheimer and Garrett Thornburg
John L. Tishman
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim
Jerry Weil
The Weininger Foundation
The West Harlem Development Corporation Fund
Angel Shine Foundation/
Allyson Tang and Dr. Thomas F. Widman
The Winston Foundation, Inc.
Elaine and James Wolfensohn
Lisa A. Huestis and David E. Van Zandt

Partners ($5,000 - $9,999)

The Aeroflex Foundation
A.F. Petrocelli/United Capital Corporation
Carolyn and Andrew W. Albstein
Pamela A. Farr and Buford Alexander
The Aquidneck Foundation
Amelia and Richard Bernstein
Kristin Kennedy Clark
Mary Sharp Cronson
Louise K. Hirschfeld and Lewis B. Cullman
Raymond Debbane
Alice B. Diamond
Effie and Robert Fribourg
Barbara and Stephen Friedman
G.A.G. Charitable Corporation
Gaye Gross Moelis and Stan Greenfield
Deborah and Philip Gelston
Gilder Foundation
Judith Uman and I. Michael Goodman
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
The Heckscher Foundation for Children
Heinz Family Foundation
Hermes of Paris, Inc.
Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts
Joseph & Sophia Abeles Foundation
Solange Landau
Dalia and Larry Leeds
Margot and Robert Linton
The Lotos Foundation
Roderick Manley
Alissa Reiner McCreary
Michael Tuch Foundation
New York City Department of Youth
and Community Development
Alex Yuan Nicholson and Ron Nicholson
Nancy and Morris Offit
One World Fund
Richard L. Orridge
Milena and David Perez
Donna and Mark Rosen
The Edward John
and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
The Rudin Foundation
Christopher Schlank
Jamee and Michael Schleifer
Alison Holtzschue and Douglas Schloss
The Seedtime Fund, Inc.
The Slovin Foundation
Ann and Richard Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steinhardt
Joseph Tirado
Alison and Christopher Viehbacher
Diane and Stephen Volk
Shelley and Claude Winfield

Supporters ($1,000 - $4,999)

Joan and Mark Abramowitz
Amy Bermant Adler
Carolyn and Andrew W. Albstein
Allade Inc.
Barbara and Philip Altheim
Fran and Mahyar Amirsaleh
Aundrea and James Amine
Amy Astley
Jordana and Ned Baldwin
BankUnited N.A.
Betsy and Robert Barbanell
Florence and Michael Barkan
Mark Baumohl
Benjamin & Elizabeth Abrams Foundation, Inc.
Georgina Cullman and Chris Berry
Theodora Betjemann
Barbara and James Block
Tina and Jeffrey Bolton
Donya and Scott Bommer
Sarah Reines and Richard Bornstein
Roy and Merilee Bostock
Virginia Brody
Nanci and Bob Bronsteen
Mrs. James E. Burke
Paula P. Busch
Lisa and Stu Cantor
Abigail and John Carr
Patrizia di Carrobio
Winifred Donoghue and Milo Chan
Susan Lu and Michael Chua
Barbara and John Cirkva
Janis and Roy Coffee, Jr.
Ellen and Casey Cogut
Gerald Cohen
Helen and Earl Colson
Convent of the Sacred Heart -
Helping Hearts Foundation
Corcoran Group Real Estate
Sophie and George Coumantaros
Kara and James Cross
Rosalind and James Crystal
Peggy and Dick Danziger
Dana Tang and Andy Darrell
Dawn David
Trudy Chan and Thomas Discepola
Todd Dimston and Melissa Bank
Jane and Bill Donaldson
Anne Doubilet
Nancy Kennan and Gary Duberstein
Susan and James Dubin
Elizabeth Duggal
Pam and Martin Edel
Claire Edersheim
Ehrenkranz Family Foundation
Carole and Richard Eisner
Bethany and Niko Elmaleh
Margot and John Ernst
Aniedi Etuk
Eugene and Emily Grant Family Foundation
Pamela Farr
Ellen and Michael Fedida
Michael Feng
Patricia and Robert Ferrari
April Fey
Fidia Holding Spa/
Enrica and Fabrizio Arengi-Bentivoglio
Lisa and Jeremy Fielding
Sabina Fila
Sarah and Peter Finn
Jodie and Ronald Fischer
Wendy Flanagan
Susan and Arthur Fleischer
Margaret and Howard Fluhr
The Friars Foundation
Joel Freedman
Maryann Fribourg
Alice and Lawrence N. Friedland
Felice and Darrell Friedman
Phoebe Barnard and Gregory Fukutomi
Pamela Patton and Ivan Galanin
Lance Garcy
Garden Homes Fund
Kim Cramer Germ
Pamela and Saverio Giarrusso
Denyse Ginzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Glimcher
Suzanne L. Goldhirsch
Barbara Goldsmith
Peggy Elliot Goldwyn
Kyle Good
Melissa Bender and Ryan Goodman
Jamie and Gary Gordon
David and Ruth Gottesman
Kim and Mason Granger
Lysiane and Red Grooms
Fatemeh Haghigh and Gautam Guliani
Juliette Cozzi and Ronald Gumbaz
Michelle and Akir Gutierrez
Barbara and Ed Hajim
Arlene Hajinlian
Tiziana and Hugh Hardy
Anne and William Harrison
David W. Heleniak
Lesley and Richard Herrmann
Ronnie Heyman
George A. Hirsch
Carol and Richard Hochman
Judith M. Hoffman
Annabel Fan and Douglas Hsieh
Lisa and Robbie Huffines
Rosemary Carey and Ed Hynes
Elise Ingalls
Gary Jacob
Jane Schwartz Foundation
Jerome and Delores Zuckerman Gewirtz
Charitable Trust
Julia C. Tobey and Kenneth Johnson
Lisa Colby-Jones and Gerald Paul Jones
Joseph L. Fisher Foundation Inc.
Janet and Howard Kagan
Marcella Kahn
Debra and Robert Kaplan
Betty P. Kenan
Karen and Kevin Kennedy
Barbara and Martin P. Klein
Debbie and Steven Klein
Penny and David Klein
Olivia and Ross Koller
Corinne and Arie Kopelman
Barbara Kravitz
Lalique North America, Inc.
Mary and Richard Lanier
Bonnie Lautenberg
Betsy and Stewart Lawrence
Jennifer and Rick Lerner
Maryann and Raymond Leung
Randy and Jeffrey Levine
Michele and Scott Lindsay
Barbara and Stephen Litke
Norman Livingston
Christiane J. MacArthur
Meryl and Robert Mann
Fraydun and Jennifer Manocherian
Linda Marcus
Angela and James Margolis
Kenneth Marion
Joanne and Norman Mathews
Diane and Adam Max
Richard McNally
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
Vicki and Fred Modell
Julie and Ken Moelis
Teri and Martin Monas
Len Moscatelli
Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
Curt Myers
National Dance Institute of New Mexico
Cynthia Neiditch
Rona and Randy Nelson
Grigory Nersesyan
Marie Michelle de Savigny and William Nesbitt
Neuberger Berman LLC/Richard Nackenson
Ellen Breslow Newhouse and Sam Newhouse
Nora Ann Wallace and Jack H. Nusbaum
New York State Office of Parks and Recreation
Deborah Bohr and James Oakes
Kathryn Grody and Mandy Patinkin
Patricia Dugan-Perlmuth and William Perlmuth
Peter and Susan Solomon Family Foundation
Donna Polisar
Liz Anne and Phokion Potamianos
Deborah and Earl Potter
Donna Matteo Rabinowitz and Steve Rabinowitz
Susan and Kanti Rai
Karen Dahl and Brian Reich
Miriam K. Reines
Vicki Reiss
Robert L. & Helen W. Bernstein Foundation
Rocking Chair Foundation
Paula and Leon Root
Rosen Brothers, LLC
Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko
Valerie and John W. Rowe
Gretchen and James Rubin
The Sara Blakely Foundation
Sarah Long Solomon and David Solomon
Dorothy Salant
Salvatore Ferragamo
Melissa and Robert Saperstein
Lynn and John Savarese
Yaniv Schulman
Dana J. Golding and Richard Scharf
Robert A. Schulman
Barbara S. Schwartz
Irene and Bernard Schwartz
Ruth Schwartz
Judith Selkowitz
Trish McEvoy and Ronald Sherman
Gary Shilling
Lee Shull
Amy and Glen Siegel
Edie Brickell and Paul Simon
Catherine Sweeney Singer and William Singer
Flo and Warren Sinsheimer
Christine Olsen and Rob Small
Fern Smith
Juliette Singer and Ian Spinks
Meridith Sopher and Ted Stachtiaris
Neera and Michael Stacy
H. Emma Strathy
Tracy Straus
Antoinette Delruelle and Joshua L. Steiner
Rachel and Alexander Stern
Studio in a School
Shining Sung

Rhana and Charles Tabouchirani
Susan Penry-Williams and John Tamarin
Nicki and Harold Tanner
Eva-Maria and Hans Tausig
Mary A. Hynes and Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Jennifer Hand and Thomas Tierney
Lisa Travis
Jean and Ray Troubh
Gordon K. Uyeda
Venable Foundation
Amy and Jeffrey Verschleiser
Susan Frunzi and David E. Wachtel
Sue Ann Weinberg
Cathy and Stephen D. Weinroth
Weisberg, Mole, Krantz & Goldfarb
Wellfleet Foundation, Inc.
Deborah Weston
Anita and Byron Wien
Wirth - Myers Family Fund
Suzanne and Ravi Yadav
Mary Collins and Anthony Yarborough
Judith and Stanley Zabar
Kathleen McLeod and Michael Zacharias
Patty Theis and Salvatore Zizza

National Dance Institute also wishes to thank its many supporters making gifts of less than $1,000.

Our heartfelt thanks to those organizations contributing through matching and employee giving programs.

Bank of America Matching Gift Program
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Charity Meets its Match/
Regeneron Matching Gift Program
Combined Federal Campaign
IBM/Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign
IBM Matching Grants Program
Merck Gives Back
Morgan Stanley
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Soros Fund Management
UBS Matching Gift Program
YourCause PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Donor Profile: Rachel Passaretti ('91)

Attorney and NDI Alumna Rachel Passaretti ('91), never forgot her time with NDI, and she recently had the opportunity to give back to the program that meant so much to her.
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