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NDI delivers arts programming of unsurpassed quality. Currently in 42 partner schools in the NYC metro area, NDI works with over 6,500 students each week. Schools and families take great pride in the extraordinary excellence their students achieve, and teaching artists develop relationships with principals and classroom teachers that deeply root NDI’s programs in a school’s culture and curriculum.

Program Structure

  • Every class is taught by three professional teaching artists: a Master Teacher/Choreographer, a Musician/Accompanist, and an Assistant Teacher.
  • NDI provides in-school programs for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • NDI offers full-year programs consisting of weekly classes throughout the school year (October through May/June). We also offer 10-session residencies, which can take the form of a 2-week intensive or a 10-week program.
  • NDI classes take place during the school day, ensuring that dance is integral to learning in our partner school communities.
  • All students in a selected grade or grades participate in the program.
  • Classroom teachers are actively engaged in the program, helping to connect learning in NDI with the larger curriculum. Many choose to dance with their classes.
  • NDI works with a single classroom of children at a time, and classes generally run 45–50 minutes. Each moment of an NDI class is rich with energetic, rigorous, and joyful learning.
  • All NDI programs include live music and culminate in a final performance, a celebratory event that galvanizes the entire school community.

What Students Learn and Do in the NDI Program

Fundamentals of Dance
Students learn the fundamentals of movement and music by mastering choreography with clarity, energy, and precision. They learn the value of excellence in dance and the importance of discipline, effort, focus, and teamwork. Students also hone their critical and creative thinking as their dance skills develop.

Curricular Theme
Each year, NDI selects a curricular theme that guides the learning in all partner schools. Past themes have explored science, literacy, and world cultures. Through the theme, NDI introduces students to new cultures and big ideas, fostering in them an abiding curiosity about the world and their place in it. Students learn how dance and music create meaning, build community, and move audiences as they work toward a common performance goal.

Final Performance
In the culminating performance, students take to the stage to become stars in their own community. NDI’s teaching artists create original pieces of choreography and music inspired by the curricular theme. Students master and perform these dances for their families and the entire school community in a fully-realized theatrical production—complete with an ensemble of musicians, colorful backdrops, and costumes designed by the children.

Please fill out an application form to become an NDI partner school. For more information, contact Aileen Barry.

NDI’s Partner Schools 2018-19


PS 1
partner since 1985
8 Henry St. (Chinatown)

PS 2
partner since 1985
122 Henry St. (Chinatown)

PS 6
partner since 2013
45 E. 81st St. (Upper East Side)

PS 7
partner since 2013
160 E. 120th St. (East Harlem)

PS 20
partner since 2009
166 Essex St. (Lower East Side)

PS 33|Chelsea Prep
partner since 2006
281 Ninth Ave. (Chelsea)

PS 40
partner 1979–1998;
319 E. 19th Street (Gramercy)

PS 41
partner since 2006
116 W. 11th St. (Greenwich Village)

PS 77|Lower Lab School
partner since 2013
1700 Third Ave. (Upper East Side)

PS 87
partner since 2011
160 W. 78th St. (Upper West Side)

PS 110
partner since 2009
285 Delancey St. (Chinatown)

PS 123
partner since 2011
301 W. 140th St. (Harlem)

PS 124
partner since 1985
40 Division St. (Chinatown)

PS 130
partner since 1985
143 Baxter St. (Chinatown)

PS 149 Sojourner Truth
partner since 2018
41 W. 117th St. (Harlem)

PS 161
partner since 2011
499 W. 133rd St. (Harlem)

PS 163
partner since 2005
163 W. 97th St. (Upper West Side)

PS 183
partner since 1991
419 E. 66th St. (Upper East Side)

PS 189
partner since 1984
2580 Amsterdam Ave. (Washington Heights)

PS 199
partner since 1997
270 W. 70th St. (Upper West Side)

IS 223 | Mott Hall
partner since 1984
71-111 Convent Ave. (Harlem)

PS 234
partner since 2007
292 Greenwich St. (Tribeca)

PS 290 |
Manhattan New School
partner since 1996
311 E. 82nd St. (Upper East Side)

PS 397 |
Spruce Street School
partner since 2013
12 Spruce St. (Lower East Side)

PS 452
partner since 2010
100 W. 77th St. (Upper West Side)

PS 859 |
Special Music School
partner since 2006
129 W. 67th St. (Upper West Side)

The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School at Lighthouse Guild International
partner 1989–2004;
111 E. 59th St. (Midtown East)

Girls Prep Lower East Side
partner since 2013
442 E. Houston St. (Lower East Side)

Hunter College Elementary School
partner 1981–1984;
71 E. 94th St. (Upper East Side)

Speyer Legacy School
partner since 2011
925 Ninth Ave. (Midtown West)

The IDEAL School of Manhattan
partner since 2016
314 W. 91st St. (Upper West Side)


PS 10
partner since 2012
511 Seventh Ave. (Park Slope)

PS 169 | Sunset Park School
partner since 2016
4305 Seventh Ave. (Sunset Park)

PS 235
partner since 1998
525 Lenox Rd. (East Flatbush)

PS 255
partner since 2014
1866 E. 17th St. (Gravesend)


Girls Prep Bronx
partner since 2013
681 Kelly St. (South Bronx)

PS 51
partner since 2015
695 E. 182 St. (Belmont)

PS 105
partner since 2003
725 Brady Ave. (Pelham)

MS 302
partner since 2015
681 Kelly St. (South Bronx)


PS 45
partner since 2012
126-128 150th St. (South Ozone Park)

Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School
partner since 1980
509 Bramhall Ave.