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How can my school become an NDI partner school?


Interested principals should complete and submit an application for partnership, available for download here. For information about programs, pricing, and any questions, school leadership should direct inquiries to Aileen Barry, Senior Director of Education and Outreach.

How can my child dance with NDI outside of school?

During the school year, we offer NDI Center Classes, which provide all children the opportunity to experience the joy, rigor, and excellence of NDI’s arts education programs.

For students with disabilities, we offer the NDI DREAM Project (Dancers Realize Excellence through Arts and Movement), a weeklong program of dance and performance that is offered free of charge to participants ages 8 to 14.

NDI also offers a free, two-week Summer Dance and Music Program for rising fourth and fifth graders. Registration information is available in the spring through Christina Aguirre, Program Manager.

How can my child become a part of NDI’s SWAT or Celebration Team Programs?

NDI’s SWAT and Celebration Team programs are only open to selected students in our In-School Program. For a current list of our partner schools, click here.

How do I train in NDI’s pedagogy?

NDI offers professional development and training opportunities for performing artists, teaching artists, and educators. For information on NDI’s current training offerings, please visit our Teacher Training page.

Is NDI located in other cities besides New York City?

NDI’s home is in New York City, and our core programs serve school communities in the NYC metro area. In addition, we have a network of associated programs throughout the United States called ANDI (Associates of NDI). In addition to ANDI organizations thriving nationally, NDI serves communities around the world through International Partnerships.

How can I establish an NDI program in my community?

In order to begin an NDI program in your community, these resources must be in place:

  • Local teaching artists trained in NDI’s pedagogy;
  • Local educational leadership committed to in-school arts education programming; and
  • Local funding entities able to support and sustain a program.

For more information, please contact Aileen Barry, Senior Director of Education and Outreach.

Does NDI offer professional training services?

Yes, NDI offers professional training tailored to organizations and schools. For more information, please visit our Teacher Training page, or contact Aileen Barry, Senior Director of Education and Outreach.

How can I find out more about job and internship opportunities at NDI?

For our current opportunities, visit our Careers page.

When is the NDI Center open?

Our administrative offices are open from 9:00am–6:00pm Monday through Friday.

How can I rent studio space at the NDI Center?

For studio rentals please contact Mike Pitsikoulis, Facilities/Studio Manager.

Is the NDI Center accessible to persons with disabilities?

Yes, the NDI Center is fully ADA compliant.

How can I make a secure donation to NDI?

There are three easy ways to make a donation to NDI:

  • Click here and complete your donation online
  • Print and complete this Donation Form (PDF)
    • Email your donation form to Michele O’Mara, Chief Advancement Officer, at momara@nationaldance.org
    • Mail your donation form with a check made payable to National Dance Institute, to: National Dance Institute, 217 West 147th Street, New York, NY 10039
    • Fax your donation form to (212) 226–0761
  • Call (212) 226-0083 and we will happily take your donation over the phone